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How to mix materials for smelting ferrosilicon?

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How to mix materials for smelting ferrosilicon?

In smelting ferrosilicon, batching is the first process to be noticed. The amount of ingredients has a direct impact on the quality of smelting, so, in the smelting of ferrosilicon, how do we ingredients? Let's share it with you.

When mixing ferrosilicon, attention should be paid to the following contents:

1. Accurate weighing, all kinds of materials must be weighed according to the specified quantity, and the error should be small. If the weighing is not accurate, the furnace condition is not easy to master, and even waste products may be produced. Therefore, the batching work should be careful, and the accuracy of weighing tools should be checked frequently. If problems are found, they should be adjusted or repaired in time.

2. Batching should be carried out in the specified order to make the charge mix evenly. The bulk specific gravity of coke is about 0.5-0.6, that of silica is about 1.5-1.6, and that of steel chips is 1.8-2.2. The proportion of raw materials varies greatly. In order to mix the burden evenly, the order of proportioning is coke, silica, and then steel chips. With this method, the burden can be mixed more evenly after it is lowered from the charge pipe. Whether the burden is mixed evenly or not has a great influence on smelting. In order to make the charge mix evenly, only one batch of charge can be measured at a time, and each hopper must store more than two batches of charge.

In addition, we need to remind you that when feeding, the smaller the batch size, the more conducive to the uniformity of mixing, otherwise it is difficult to uniform. Therefore, small batches should be used as far as possible.

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