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What is the effect of adding silica fume to concrete

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What is the effect of adding silica fume to concrete

The effect of silica powder on the strength of concrete is remarkable when it is added into concrete, so the application of silica fume in concrete is very common. So, specifically, where does silicon powder add to concrete, where is its advantage? Silicon powder manufacturer for you analysis.

1. The strength and pumping performance of concrete are improved significantly by the silicon powder manufacturing high strength concrete (above C70);

2. The size distribution of silicon powder is reasonable, compact, hardness is large, and wear resistance is good. It can greatly improve the tensile, compressive, impact strength and wear resistance of the solidified material. The impact resistance and wear resistance of the solidified material can be increased by 0.5-2.5 times.

3. The silicon powder can increase the thermal conductivity, change the adhesive viscosity and increase the flame retardant performance.

4. Silicon powder can reduce the exothermic peak temperature of epoxy resin curing reaction, reduce the linear expansion coefficient and shrinkage of the cured material, thus eliminating the internal stress and preventing cracking.

5. Because of the fine size and reasonable distribution of silica powder, it can effectively reduce and eliminate precipitation and stratification;

6. The low impurity content of silica powder and stable physical and chemical properties make the solidified material have good insulation and arc resistance.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, the frost resistance and activity of silica powder also have a very important influence on the improvement of concrete quality.

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